Which class is right for me?

If you are unsure about which acting class might meet your needs, try answering the following questions:

Have you ever acted before?

No – take “Acting for Ordinary People” or “Improvisation”
Yes – take either “Acting II,” “The Actor’s Toolbox,” or “Shakespeare in Performance”

Are you comfortable making presentations in front of people?

No – take “Acting for Ordinary People”
Yes – take any other class

How much training as an actor do you have?

One acting class or a few roles on stage – take “The Actor’s Toolbox,” “Improvisation,” or “Shakespeare in Performance”
At least two acting classes and several roles on stage – take “Acting II”

How important is it to learn specific schools of acting training and what they entail?

Very – take “The Actor’s Toolbox”
Somewhat – take “Acting II”

What is your goal as a student?

Learn more about the craft overall – take “Acting II”
Become trained in specific techniques to work on text – take “The Actor’s Toolbox”

How important is it for you to do scripted scene work in class?

Very – take “Acting Methods”
Somewhat – take “Acting I”
Not at all – take “Improvisation”