Pledge Sheet

Building the Ballroom Venue

If you’re looking for more theater, more dance, more music—more performing arts all around, please consider supporting our project “Building the Ballroom Venue.” When it’s done, you’ll have a new venue that can accommodate a wide range of performances and events, right in the middle of Portland’s Arts District. We need to raise $10,000 to complete all the work required to open the Ballroom doors.

What Your Donation Could Create

$ 25     Bag of plaster for repairs

$ 30     Carpentry work to secure one of seven hall transoms

$ 250     One of ten automatic door closers, or one of six combination exit/ emergency light units

$ 100     Door repair—exit from Ballroom to fire escape

$ 500     One-fifth of the fire escape inspection and repair work

$ 800     Half of the electrical upgrade work

$ 5,800     Complete upgrade to fire alarm system

$ 7,800     Complete load testing of repaired fire escape

Benefits you Receive for Your Donation

$ 100    Listing on permanent recognition plaque in Ballroom, listing as a “Patron” in one year of programs for Ballroom events

$ 250    Complimentary seating for two for one season of an MCMA lecture or event series, listing as a “Benefactor” in one year of programs for Ballroom events

$ 500    Complimentary seating for two at the Ballroom’s grand opening event, listing as a “Sponsor” in one year of programs for Ballroom events, listing on MCMA’s website

$ 1,000    Advertisement in one year of programs for Ballroom events

$ 2,500 Two complimentary tickets to all events taking place in the Ballroom during its first year of operation

$ 10,000    Honoree at gala reception to launch renovated Ballroom

$ 15,000    Your name on a large plaque in the renovated Ballroom!

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