Although we have met once, there is still room in our Monday night workshops that take place from 6:30 to 9pm in the third floor ballroom at Mechanics Hall in downtown Portland, Please email us at if interested in joining us next week on September 29th.

Actors who are considering participating in the workshops are encouraged to check out the following guidelines for more information:

  • This is a training group designed for actors who wish to work on their craft; the Naked Shakespeare performance series is a different entity that will use primarily actors from the Ensemble, but not exclusively. Participation in the Ensemble is not a guarantee of appearing in Naked Shakespeare performances;
  • All actors involved in the group are asked to contribute to the learning of all involved—this means making a strong commitment to not only reading and studying Shakespeare, but bringing exercises and activities to the group;
  • Repetition of exercises is a necessary part of building mastery. Actors in the group will be asked to work on depth of skill rather than breadth of material;
  • Actors in the group all agree to commit to reaching pinnacles of personal achievement that involves honest self-assessment and a understanding that we are always works in progress;
  • The ensemble workshops are safe places in which no one feels judged or competitive. Actors are requested to refrain from posting negative comments about the group and the work we are doing;
  • All material that actors will work on in workshops needs to be self-selected. This includes finding scene partners and directors;
  • All actors will lead warm-ups in a schedule to be determined;
  • Guidelines for each workshop will be circulated in advance, and actors will be asked to bring material and ideas for exercises related to the curriculum;
  • Ensemble members will not monopolize floor time during the workshops. This means keeping comments brief and to the point;
  • Actors will make every effort to arrive on time and attend at least ¾ of the weekly workshops. Repeated tardiness and/or absenteeism will be cause for actors to be dismissed from the ensemble;
  • Workshops will become invitation-only beginning in December 2014. Adherence to these guidelines will be the criteria used to determine who is invited to continue to study with Naked Shakespeare.