Naked Shakespeare 2017/18 Season

No one mined the depths of humanity like the Bard, and our new season explores character archetypes throughout the canon!

Performances begin at 7pm and are pay-what-you-can with a $10 suggested donation unless otherwise specified

All shows will perform the first Thursday and Friday of the month in the Ballroom at Mechanics Hall, with a second series of shows at different off-site venues

adapted and directed by Michael Levine

Whether it be to gain information, hide from one’s past sins, or remain in a country after exile, characters in Shakespeare’s plays often disguise their identity for ends both noble and nefarious. Our third season of First Friday shows kicks off with an interwoven series of shape-shifting scenes involving lovers, clowns and royalty.

Thurs, Oct 5 and First Friday, Oct 6
Mon, Oct 9 at Portland House of Music ($10)


adapted and directed by Sarah Barlow

Cursed to lure and entangle mortals with their magical songs or die if someone heard them and escaped, the Sirens of Greek mythology were fated to be pawns in their own lonely existence. Shakespeare’s heroines often suffer the same fate, innocently attracting people and situations that ultimately lead to their sad demise.

Thurs, Nov 2 and First Friday, Nov 3
Tues, Nov 7 at Port City Blue ($10)


adapted and directed by Michael Levine

Shakespeare loved to upend gender roles by dressing his heroines as men to allow them the freedoms that were denied to them in his time. December’s show traces the adventures of three of the bard’s most strong-willed women as they try to win the hearts of their lovers by donning a doublet and hose.

Thurs, Nov 30 and First Friday, Dec 1
Mon, Dec 4 at Bull Feeney’s


adapted and directed by Megan Tripaldi

They thought they could get away with treating them like dirt. They thought that they were safe in their high castles. They were so very wrong. “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned” doesn’t even begin to cover it.

Thurs, Feb 1 and First Friday, Feb 2
Fri, Feb 9 and Sat, Feb 10 at Urban Farm Fermentory


adapted and directed by Michael Levine and Avner Eisenberg

While Shakespeare was indeed a master of words, his characters often displayed a mastery of silent comedy routines called lazzi that found their way into his plays from the streets of Italy where they originated in the rich tradition of commedia dell’arte. This month, Maine’s own master of vaudeville joins Naked Shakespeare to mix a little Phyzgig into the bard.

Thurs, Mar 1 and First Friday, Mar 2
Thurs, Mar 8 at Oxbow Blending & Bottling


adapted and directed by Michael Levine

Ever wonder if some of Shakespeare’s plays went “missing”? Come consider the merits of a few candidates, that have been partially attributed to Shakespeare in our season finale.

Friday, April 13th and Sat. April 14th at Mechanics Hall