Maine Playwrights Festival 2017 Selected Plays


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Dramatic readings of all 6 plays selected to be part of this year’s MPF take place on Saturday, March 25 at 7pm at Mechanics Hall

free with $5 suggested donation

CONNECTION, by David Vazdauskas

Following a horrific event, the struggle between forgiveness and revenge is complicated by the possibilities of the future.

ELWOOD’S LAST JOB, by Elaine Ford

After forty years of doing menial jobs in a small Maine town, Elwood is about to change his life—and the local laundromat—in dramatic and surprising ways.

MIRACLES, by Ron Kanecke

Two characters who operate a shady business trafficking in miracles are left asking themselves if there may be more truth than they thought in their operation.

THE THING CAROL SAW, by John Manderino

On a contentious car ride home, sometimes it can be hard to know where the line between reality and the imagination really lies.

THE WILD HUNT, by Lynne Cullen

When retired military bomb-sniffing dog Woltan is adopted by an affluent socialite, his former army handler fights to reclaim him.


During a chance encounter in a ladies’ restroom, an elderly woman counsels her young counterpart on love, life, and the importance of a good lipstick.