MPF Production History


Connection, by David Vazdauskas
Elwood’s Last Job, by Elaine Ford
Miracles, by Ron Kanecke
The Thing Carol Saw, by John Manderino
The Wild Hunt, by Lynne Cullen
Walter Likes Henny Just Fine, by David Susman

Staged Readings
A Little Lump Thing, by Daniel C. Bryant
At Sea, by Carolyn Gage
Breakfast Buddies, by Samuel Richardson
In Flagrante Delicto, by Josh Brassard
Talking to Cats, by Arthur Boatin


Meet the Author, by David Susman
Nerdlords Vs. the Thing Under the Basement, by Jennifer Jensen
Olive Shrineshade, by Richard Sewell
Planchette, by Carolyn Gage
Something Blue, by Delvyn Case

Staged Readings
How Things Sometimes Work Out, by Jennifer Reck
Insurrections, by Nicole d’Entremeont
Original Brasses, Fine Patina, by Elaine Ford
Whatever You Decide, by Bess Welden
Where There’s Will, by Erica Thompson


3am at Dennys, by Shondra Jin Robbins
Click Here, by David Susman
Creation, by David Vazdauskas
Houston, by Michael Kimball
Predestination, by Arthur Boatin
The Lift, by Susan Staples


An Absence of Grey, by Shirley Sargent
Battle Faire, by Erica Thompson
Before the Curtain, by Jennifer Reck
Brinner with Cindy, by Ryan William Shephard
Carl, by John Manderino
Disagreement at the Dead Boot Saloon, by Michael Kimball
Finish It, by Stephen Dennis
God Visits Lucifer on the Occasion of the Anniversary of the Fall, by Josh Brassard
Incidentally, by Laurie Medeiros
Schrodinger’s Roulette, by Jody McColman
A Storybook Romance, by Howard Rosenfield
Stuck, by David Susman
The Abyss, by Jo-Anne Walton
The Church of the Divine Potluck, by Sybill Baker
The Hurricane, by Patricia Mew
The Purchases, by Jefferson Navicky
The Sign, by Kathy Hooke
To Whom It May Concern, by Lynne Cullen

Staged Reading
What If…, by Linda Britt


Cat Scratch, by Megan Tripaldi
Date Night at Al’s Bar and Grill, by Dan Hadley
Delestage, by Delvyn Case, Jr.
Halo, by Hal Cohen
Holly Belle, by Sarah Paget
Janey Succumbs to Polar Madness, by Michael Kimball
Memories of Paradise, by Bruce Pratt
Radicals, by Carolyn Gage
Rope Trick, by Michael Tooher
Slunkerfish, by Roger Clark Van Deusen
Stel, by Charlie Cole
Zeno’s Arrow, by David Susman

Staged Reading
Want/Not, by Cullen McGough


Chicken Tonight, by Larry Crane
A Depressed Childhood, by David Vardemen
He Touched Me, by Patricia Mew
It’s Just Not Polite, by Laurie Medeiros
Memories of Rain, by Sarah Halford
The Necrology Report, by Maureen Ann Connolly
On, by David Vazdauskas
Potatoes Aren’t Enough, by Delvyn Case, Jr.
A Road That Happened to be Broken, by Jefferson Navicky
Snowball’s Chance in Hell, by Chelsea Cook

Staged Readings
Memorial Day, by Lynne Cullen
We Drew the Sky, by Charlie Marenghi


Aiming Off, by Larry Crane
Class, by Marie Coyle
Infestation, by Jefferson Navicky
In This Economy, by Isabel Sterne
Perfect Joe, by Lynne Cullen
Silence and Slow Time, by Kathy Hooke
Size Matters, by Michael Tooher
The Last Fish in the Sea, by Cullen McGough
The Perils of Long-Term Care, by Michael Kimball
The Rope Swing, by Shannara Gillman

Staged Readings
Iceland, by Michael Tooher
Commixtus, by Katherine Roscher


Backseat Driver, by Laura Emack
Barter, by Bruce Pratt
(Living) Will, by John Rizzo
Lungfish, by Jefferson Navicky
Neighbors, by Blaise Titus
now I lay me down to sleep, by Michael Tooher
Savannah, by Kathy Hooke
The Brownwater Legend, by Michael Kimball
The Day After the Incident, by Eric Worthley
The Nziza, by Delvyn Case, Jr.
Topnotch Man, by Hugh Aaron

Featured Play
Solitary Dancers, by Jan Paetow


Are You Going to Wear that Shirt?, by John Manderino

Better, Tommorrow, by Lara Lom

Hot Dish, by Diana Sterne

Protect Us, by Cathy Plourde

Put Your Hands Together, by John Rizzo

Reorient, by Michael Kimball

Invisible Men, by Lynne Cullen

Featured Plays
The Goddess Tour, by Carolyn Gage

Private, by Roger Bechtel


Bailey’s Mistake, by Gerald George

Balcony of a Stranger, by Heather Crocker

Electrolysis, by Bruce Pratt

Fishtank Poem, Fishtank Song, by Richard Sewell

In a Clearing Quiet, by Michael Tooher

My Mother Wears a Thong, by Linda LeRoyer

Party Time, by Clare Melley Smith

Portrait of the Vampire as a Young Man, by John Manderino

Speed Dating, by Diana Stern

The Deckhand, by Cathy Counts

The Muffin Man, by Michael Kimball

Yellow Jackets, by Susan Poulin and Gordon Carlisle


Actual Glass, by Michael Kimball

A Turn for the Worse, by Clare Melley Smith

A Woman Six Inches Taller, by David Draheim

Call of the Wild, by Jan Paetow

Done Deal, by Linda Griffith

Fruitcake,by Richard Sewell

Indians, by John Manderino

Jesus and the Sewing Circle, by Lynne Cullen

The Bell, by Brent Askari

The Lamp, by Jay Lawrence

The Marriage, by Josh Harriman

The Prayer Shawl, by Dana Pearson


Audrey, by John Manderino

Bad Case of Loving You, by Jay Lawrence

Friendly Fred, by John Manderino

Heaven, by Lynne Cullen

Jill and Jack, by John Manderino

Mrs. White’s Little Girls Get Dirty, by Danie Connolly

Oakfall, by Richard Sewell

Paul and Mom, by John Manderino

Romance, by Jon Potter

‘Til the Fat Lady Sings, by Carolyn Gage

The Trains of Painesville, by Linda Griffith

Visiting Hour, by Dana Pearson

Wolfman and Janice, by John Manderino


Contradictions, by Charles Arnold

El Jefe, by Jason Wilkins

Jill and Jack, by John Manderino

Love on the Line, by Amy Roche

The Mistake, by Phebe Reeves

Panic in the Time of an Insecure God, by Maureen Sullivan

The Poorly-Written Play Festival, by Carolyn Gage

Radio, by David Bunker

The Sand Which is There, by John Manderino

The Sky’s the Limit, by Tim Wilson

This is the Remains of Another Play, by Chris Gyngell


All I Want for Christmas, by Miranda Hope

Endymion, by Lynne Cullen

Harry and Edith, by Karmo Sanders

Mrs. Hemingway Goes Dancing, by Nicole Wolf Gilbert

Order Up, by Miranda Hope

Side by Side, by Paul G. Charbonneau

Surge, by Catherine Anderson

The View, by John Manderino

The Way Around, by Suze Allen

Wendell Perkins, Unbound, by Raymond K. Long

Wolfman and Janice, by John Manderino


Breadalbane, by Larry Crane

100% American Girl, by Colin Sargent

Stars Falling, by Jaynie Decker


The Parmenchene Belle, by Carolyn Gage

The Potato Pickers, by Tim Wilson

Regalia, by Rick Doyle