Maine Playwrights Festival Dramatic Readings

MPF Splat PenSunday, April 23 at 7pm

Come hear the 5 semi-finalist scripts from this year’s Maine Playwrights Festival read out loud for the first time in front of an audience

Portland Ballet Studio Theater, 517 Forest Ave.
Admission free ($10 suggested donation)

A LITTLE LUMP THING, by Daniel Bryant

A medical development threatens Ken’s young life and his and Lara’s relationship, but Lara risks a controversial solution.

AT SEA, by Carolyn Gage

Two lesbian buddies in their 80’s hav escaped from a nursing home at night and are planning a double suicide out on the ocean.

BREAKFAST BUDDIES, by Samuel Richardson

City slicker Steve is trying to find a spark in his life at the base of Mt. Katahdin when an unexpected encounter with an AT through hiker makes him aware of the need to take risks in his life.


In the near future, couple Molly and Sebastian just want to have a night of passionate sex, but Molly’s past transgressions with the government brings an unwelcome visitor who puts the kibosh on those plans.

TALKING TO CATS, by Arthur Boatin

A couple who owns a cat have different expectations of their pet–and perhaps of one another.