Acorn Shakespeare Conservatory

An 12-week immersion focused on bringing the words of the Bard to life in performance

The Acorn Shakespeare Conservatory (ASC) provides actors with voice and breath work, an understanding of the mechanics and syntax of Shakespeare’s language, the ability to create a strong visceral connection to the images, and performance experience. The conservatory includes an apprentice program for students who have not had much experience working with Shakespeare’s text in performance, but wish to learn the nuances of working with heightened language. The master class is designed for students with some familiarity with breathing life into the text. Students in either the apprentice or master program learn sonnets, soliloquies and short scenes in order to learn and sharpen the tools necessary to properly interpret Shakespeare’s text. The methodology employed by the directors is heavily influenced by the work of Kristen Linklater, Shakespeare and Company, and Anne Bogart’s “Viewpoints.” The program culminates with a public performance at a location to be determined.

Mondays from 6:30 to 9pm (begins 9/28 – 12 weeks)

$350 new students; $300 returning students

taught by Michael Levine

No experience is required to join the apprentice program, which begins with a look at the
basic structure of Shakespeare’s verse, including how he uses imagery and poetic devices
to provide access to the emotional life of his characters. Each session examines a
particular aspect of the language, including sentence syntax, thought process, use of
antithesis, and creating personal connections to the images. Regular voice work with
build students’ ability to ensure proper breath support and create a centered and natural
voice to unlock the power of the poetry. A great class for Shakespeare lovers who have not acted, or actors who have not performed Shakespeare.

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taught by Carmen-maria Mandley

This class is for returning Acorn students who desire a deeper connection to Shakespeare’s text. More experienced student are invited to have a more aggressive sense of play, wilder thoughts, deeper longings, and more forbidden senses of mischief. This class will include Voice, Movement, Structure of the verse, and a jaunt into the world of Shakespeare’s clowns. Students will be expected to set a high bar and meet the largesse of Shakespeare’s words, coming to them from the most heightened sense of what it is to be human.

Sorry, this class is full

Please email us with any questions about which program would be right for you.