24-Hour Portland Theater Project

Saturday, Jan, 21 at 7:30pm • $12

Portland Ballet Studio Theater, 517 Forest Ave, Portland

For many years, the 24-Hour Theatre Project has been a great way to end the Maine Playwrights’ Festival. For the first time, this entertaining production is being done on its own.


At 7:30 on the Friday evening before the show, 6 playwrights will meet at Mechanics Hall where they will all receive the same three prompts:
1. A prop
2. A location
3. a line of dialogue

They will also draw the names of their actors and director from the proverbial hat, after which they will go home and – overnight – write a ten-minute play! The finished play will be sent to the director and actors on 7:30 Saturday morning. The plays will be blocked and rehearsed that afternoon. Finally, the six plays will receive a full production on Saturday night! Always a fun and energetic evening of theatrical creation!

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