The Void: A 24-Hour Theatre Project

the void poster

The 24-Hour Theatre Project presents: The Void

On January 11th six playwrights will receive their writing prompts, normally a prop, line of dialogue, and location.
This year they get NOTHING.
Their challenge is to write without any props, set, or anything else but their actors.
Following the nothing they get these intrepid playwrights leave to furiously write until the sun comes up and then hand off their plays to six directors who have been assigned actors from a hat. They take the day to rehearse the plays and then perform them that night in front of an audience. Such a whirlwind process can only be applied to Acorn Productions’ annual 24-Hour Theatre Project.

Our six amazing Playwrights:
Lynne Cullen
Cory King
Laurie Medeiros
Mike Cheung
Catia Sofia Cunha
Suze Quackenbush

January 12th at 7:30PM and January 13th at 4:00PM

Portland Ballet Studio Theatre
517 Forest Ave. , Portland

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